Helping your elderly relatives to downsize

Deciding to save money seems to be a sensible thing for your parents to consider. But it might be a consideration full of emotion and challenging in a practical sense, so here are a number of steps that can make helping your parents save much easier.

  1. Start planning steps as soon as possible

Downsizing has never been easier especially if it has been a family home for years. Just emotional trauma can be very extraordinary. Deciding which items go to a new home and which items don’t, will be one of the main considerations so that if you can help them get started as soon as possible. Why not consider the benefits of living in a park home? For more information on Bedfordshire Park Homes For Sale, visit

  1. Long-term thinking

It’s hard to think far enough ahead. You do not want to have to repeat steps that are very feasible considering the potential health and long-term care needs; level access, walk-in shower, proximity to shops, general practitioners, public transportation, etc. If you are able to think of the worst scenario – anything that might happen to your family – and work backward from there – that can be a single life and full access to disability.

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  1. Plan where to go in the new home

What happens to possessions is very difficult both practically and emotionally; the less there is the better, and you don’t want to do another clear out once you get to their new home or find they have too much or the furniture is too big and doesn’t fit.

  1. Store items in the family
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It is more positive if the furniture, pictures, etc which cannot go to a new place can be given to family members – reducing the worry of releasing items when they know it will remain in the family and be used properly.

  1. The step itself

There are removal companies that specialize in moving parents; but whoever you choose, it will be very useful if they can do all the tasks – from packing up everything in an old house – to helping your parents dismantle the box in a new home, otherwise you should be there to provide practical support and emotional support.

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  1. Finally

Don’t underestimate the emotional trauma caused by such movements (yes, we have said it twice) – although that may also be very liberating and give your parents a completely new chance to live in a smaller, easier-to-care home! Find allies and support among siblings, aunts, uncles, friends of your parents, anyone who can help them make very difficult decisions.

We hope that these tips to help streamline the lives and possessions of elderly parents will benefit you and your whole family.