Utilizing your garage with simple ideas

 It is a common joke amongst families that the garage has space for everything except the car, instead of becoming a place to store bikes, toys, unwanted items, and things you may use one day.

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Basically, it is often a useless space – an oversized dumping ground for things that could mostly be thrown away donated to a good cause or kept somewhere else in the house, such as the loft. If you would like to make more out of your garage, get some inspiration for a makeover from these great ideas.

A place for the children to hang out

When the children are small, the garage makes a fabulous playroom. It only takes some artificial grass or cheap carpet tile squares on the floor, and perhaps some cheap material to cover any ugly walls, to transform the space. Adding some form of child-safe heating system makes it useful year round, with the youngsters free to build bricks or create artwork without making a mess in the house.

Avoid chaos by setting up some decent storage like from a Cheap Shelving Units Ireland company, for instance, www.rackzone.ie/shelving/industrial-residential-shelving – specialists such as will have plenty of choices. As the children grow, this space can easily be tweaked to suit different interests and needs, right up to their late teens.

A hobby/craft room

Being creative takes space, so a nice table and plenty of light would make a garage a pleasant place to do things such as painting, soap making, sewing, or pretty much anything else crafters do. Floor space is usually at a premium, so make the most of the wall space for storing your bits and pieces.
Home office/study

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Whether you run a side business, are trying to write a book or simply like a place to store household and personal paperwork, a comfortable area to retreat to is always nice. It is also easier to stay focused when there is a designated space to work in. With some clever touches, your garage could easily double up as a kind of man cave or she shed if this is your thing!

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A keep fit zone

Carpet tiles, a few rubber mats, and a heating/cooling system, along with the equipment, is all that is necessary to get fit in private and on the cheap. It is easy to pick up secondhand machines and perhaps a TV for entertainment.