The Grandad Shirt: Anything But Old-Fashioned

The grandad shirt is a timeless classic which is as popular now as it has ever been.

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Different to a traditional men’s shirt, this collarless shirt is seeing a rise in popularity and being worn by all men, whatever their generation.

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The original design was to allow the wearer to attach a collar for a formal occasion and then to remove it when a collar wasn’t needed. However, the shirt has since become its own fashion piece.

Button Up

A grandad shirt looks at its best buttoned to the top, and this look is perfect for special occasions. Many styles come with fancy buttons, and this is a great way to show them off.


You can’t go wrong with a clean crisp white grandad shirt. Wear it tucked in with navy chinos and a blazer and you will look modern, cool and smart.

If you want to add this style shirt to your wardrobe, get a Farah grandad shirt from companies such as, which have a great range of colors.


If you prefer a more casual look or are going out straight from the office, leave the top two buttons undone, roll the sleeves up a couple of rolls and keep the shirt untucked. Worn with jeans, this look will get you noticed.


One of the benefits of this classic style shirt is you can be sure it will remain fashionable. Generations young and old enjoy wearing this design, with the younger generation looking to their elders for fashion inspiration. David Beckham’s son Romeo was recently spotted stealing his Dad’s style by copying his piercings.

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Your Way

The grandad shirt is as versatile as it is cool and can be worn in a multitude of ways. If you need to wear a shirt but stay relaxed, wear it loose but done up and choose a colored or patterned design.


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