Helpful Ways to Keep Your House Neat and Organised as a Working Mom

As a working mom, it’s not easy to keep your house tidy and clean all the time, especially if you have children. You may have difficulty dividing your time for work, cooking, cleaning the house, preparing for your kids’ lunch, and other chores. Keeping up with your daily chores may be exhausting, but know that it’s okay. You don’t have to pressure yourself and do things one step at a time.

Try these simple methods to keep your house organized even if you are a busy person.

Always start the day by making your bed

The moment you wake up, or when you feel like you are ready to start the day, get up and make your bed right away. Do not leave the room not fixing your pillows and blanket. This will save up your time from going back and forth to your room to clean it.

Make a cleaning schedule

It’s quite hard to get the house clean thoroughly. It takes hours to complete the cleaning task. The best thing to do if you are a working mom is to make a cleaning schedule. List down the things that you can do over the weekends and which are the ones that you can do on a daily basis. Cleaning the dishes and your cooking utensils should be done daily, while you can do the laundry on your day-off.


One of the best solutions to keep your house tidy is to declutter regularly. Your kids are growing, and so their clothes and their choice of toys are changing, as well. Consider removing their old clothes and toys to get enough storage for their new things. Sometimes, we have too much stuff that we don’t need, which causes our house unorganized. Learn to let go of the things you know will no longer be useful for you and the kids.

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Get enough storage

If you wish to have a clutter-free home, start by getting enough storage for all your stuff. Invest in built in wardrobes in your room and in your kids’ rooms, as well to keep your clothes in place at all times. Consider also installing built-in cabinets in your kitchen and bathrooms. Aside from keeping your house clutter-free, built-in shelves can also help you maximize the spaces.

Being a mom requires you to be attentive and ready for all the household chores at all times. But, there’s nothing wrong with teaching your children to be responsible for their own things. While they are young, give them small tasks at home. Let them pick up their toys and put them in the basket after playing, or you can also teach them to make their bed every morning when they wake up. You may feel like you are responsible for all these, but getting a little help from your husband or children is also a good idea. Working together to keep your home clean and tidy is still the best way to do it.