The Future Of Metaverse Entertainment

“Metaverse” is a huge buzzword these days. With virtual reality (VR), faster internet, and a whole array of new technologies now on our doorstep though, it’s possible to take online interactivity to the next exciting level. With some big tech companies even willing to stake their name on it, the excitement and expectation are huge. Particularly when it comes to entertainment.

Metaverse Gaming

The gaming industry has grown from strength to strength over the decades, surpassing even Hollywood and the movie industry to become a major cornerstone in entertainment. The Sims, and Second Life, are generally credited as being among the first games to employ basic metaverse concepts. In recent years though, games like Fortnite, Roblox, Ember Sword, Illuvium, and many others, are swiftly resembling more of what metaverses are soon expected to become. Particularly when it comes to VR games, such as Rec Room.

Everyone who has tried the latest VR games and headsets is well aware of the unparalleled immersion and fun that it brings to gaming as well as player and environment interaction. Metaverse style games are expected to head more and more towards VR in the coming years.

Virtual Entertainment Events

Another great potential for metaverse entertainment is in virtual entertainment events. This could include music concerts, fashion shows, or any type of mass event that people can experience and enjoy together in a virtual environment. Though virtual events can be presented in many ways, when it comes to metaverses, like gaming, VR has been generally getting the greater focus.

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Virtual Theme Parks

Along the same vein, virtual theme parks are expected to become a major metaverse attraction. The size and complexity will vary, but they can be made potentially as large and impressive as the development teams can dream up. For adults, virtual casinos are also expected to be a favorite. Though fairly simple at the moment, many are already being made available to the public.

A key concept behind this sort of thing is virtual real estate. This aims to divide metaverses into actual sellable real-estate “plots” to develop on, and to give them set locations within a given metaverse.

Other Entertainment Venues

Other types of metaverse entertainment venues will include cinemas, clubs, casinos like Lucky Creek, theatres, lounges, and many others that you might typically find in the real world. Virtual cinemas could show regular films, although innovators in the film industry have also begun working on new virtually interactive movie formats.

Many big industry figures have also begun dabbling with their own unique metaverse ideas, such as rapper Snoop Dog and his new Snoopverse.

Endless Possibilities

Entertainment’ is a broad area when you get down to it. All manner of other industries, such as tourism, sports, and more, could be included in some way. No doubt a whole host of new kinds of entertainment will also be invented for metaverses in the years to come. With VR headsets and other tech, becoming ever cheaper and more accessible, the possibilities are truly immense.