Tips for using the SEO for beginners

SEO is essential to getting high rankings and visibility on Google. But if you’ve been struggling with SEO for months, maybe you haven’t done enough research or followed the right steps. That’s where this guide comes in. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is the art of optimizing your blog posts, websites, ebooks, podcasts, etc., so they rank better on Google and other major search engines. The purpose of this guide is to teach you the basics of SEO and how it can help you increase traffic to your website. Let’s see in the article below the tips for using SEO for beginners.


Get an excellent domain name

This should be your first step. Your website name needs to match your keyword as close as possible. If it’s hard for people to type your full name into Google, then don’t go ahead with that name. Also make sure that your domain name has an extension, not or something else.

Add content to your site

You must have at least 10 words per page and no more than 1 picture. So say your post is about “How to use Google Chrome”, you would write at least one paragraph. And add some images for maximum impact. Images are good because they get ranked higher than plain text links.

Use keywords throughout your writing

When blogging, make sure you include most of your keywords in the title of your posts along with their synonyms. They need to be between 30-60 characters long. Also, include them in your taglines whenever possible.

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Create backlinks

Backlinks mean when someone links to you from another site and it’s important because they boost your ranking over time. Make sure to ask bloggers/websites who want to link to you (and are relevant!) and give them credit in return. There are many free tools online that will do all the work for you like LinkResearchTools.

In conclusion, take your time reading through the above points and start adding your ideas! Keep in mind that this isn’t your only source of traffic, but rather a great way to improve your organic traffic after you already rank well. Did you know that you can use SEO to search some of the online casino articles and get to know more information on the online casinos before gambling?