How to wear an Aran sweater

An Aran knit jumper is a classic, timeless addition to any man’s wardrobe and it can be worn again and again, all year round.

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Founded on the Irish Island of Aran, traditionally the sweaters are off-white in colour, come with a cable design on the chest and were made for fishermen. Today they are worn by men all over the country.

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The right fit

The fit of the sweater will partly be based on personal choice, but is best worn slightly loose, with sleeves that reach the wrist and a hem that reaches the waist. Worn on its own with a pair of blue denim jeans, this look is perfect for going out and about at the weekend.

Smart look

If you need to look smart, then pairing a black Aran jumper with some sand coloured chinos and black boots, gives a sophisticated and modern appearance. If you prefer the traditional off-white colour, then opt for grey or black trousers. In the winter months, a smart coat can be worn over the top, keeping you both warm and looking good.


If you prefer to wear a shirt under your Aran sweater, make sure the jumper isn’t too baggy and that the shirt colour matches or complements the colour of the trousers, otherwise you could look uncoordinated.

You can buy a traditional mens Irish Aran sweater from companies such as

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Another benefit of an Aran jumper is that it can act as a jacket replacement. Ideal if you are popping out to the shops, or meeting some friends in the pub.

Tee shirt

You may feel more comfortable wearing a tee shirt underneath your jumper. This may be more comfortable and keep the jumper fresher for longer. In the summer months, pulling an Aran sweater on over a tee shirt, is perfect for chillier evenings.


Although most men prefer the traditional design, it is possible to get different styles, colours and patterns.


A pair of hard wearing brown boots are the perfect footwear for an Aran sweater, but don’t be put off wearing yours with fashion trainers. An Aran jumper is about being comfortable and feeling good.