What to Know About Silica Dust

Silica dust is a common by-product of doing construction work. A common substance, it is frequently found in clay, sand, and rocks and is also a common part of materials used in construction, such as mortar, concrete, tiles, and bricks. It’s not surprising that silica dust often accompanies building projects.

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Causes and Complications

Many common construction activities and tasks generate silica dust. These include drilling, polishing, and grinding. The dust produced can be extremely fine, enter the airways, go deep into the lungs and then lodge in the tissue. This can lead to serious health problems.

Breathing in silica dust can lead to serious conditions such as emphysema, ongoing bronchitis, and lung cancer. This dust can also have detrimental effects on the kidneys. For more details on the damage, silica dust can cause, see this report in The Guardian.

Risks and Safety Measures

After asbestos, silica dust is just about the most dangerous substance that might affect those working in construction at the moment. A spiral duct system can help protect workers by removing dust from the immediate environment before it is breathed in. Respiratory diseases caused by silica dust can be extremely debilitating and have caused the deaths of hundreds of workers in the building industry over the years.

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One grave condition triggered by silica dust is silicosis, which can make breathing difficult for those affected and also make them more prone to infections in the lungs. COPD, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, can also be induced by exposure to silica dust. This term covers a spectrum of lung conditions, from bronchitis to emphysema, and sufferers can be in a lot of pain, find it extremely difficult to breathe and suffer from excessive coughing. COPD can lead to disability and, when severe, can even kill.

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Silica dust is a dangerous substance, and reducing exposure to it is a serious issue. Young people who have worked with stone have become ill or aged prematurely by breathing in silica dust. Exposure to this dust extracts a high price in terms of human misery and lost productivity.