A blogging guide for Beginner’s

Blogging is big news, and many of today’s bloggers have become famous and influential in their own right. Before you begin your own blog however, remember that for every successful blogger, there are others that fail. Many people will choose a specialist area to focus on such as fashion and Celebrity Dresses.

Below are some strategies that can help make your blog more successful and allow you to reach a larger number of people and perhaps even gain some affiliate links and marketing income.

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Know Why You Are Blogging

Are you looking to communicate with friends and family to update them, to the wider online world to share a passion, new ideas or hobby, or are you actively looking to build an online business that you can monetise? It’s worth knowing that most successful bloggers exist because they focus on sharing content relating to topics that they are truly and genuinely passionate about. It can take a lot of time, effort and luck to be able to monetise your site in a meaningful way, so start as a passion project, and view monetary benefits as an added extra!

Get comfy

Make sure if your going to be a blogger that you have a comfy seat like the Operator Chairs you see on sites such as https://www.bestbuy-officechairs.co.uk/office-chairs/operator-chairs/

Consider Your Audience

All good communication requires you to tailor messages to your audience. As well as understanding what it is that you want to communicate, you must know that your messages are appropriate for your desired audience, and tailor them accordingly. You should also think about the aesthetics of your blog and ensure that this appeals to your target audience as well.

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Set up Your Account

Most bloggers will use a basic platform such as WordPress. Others will use custom build websites, and engage developers to build them something bespoke to their needs.

Keep Posts Short

Remember to maintain a good structure and length when blogging. Keep posts to a manageable length, use bullet points, sections, headers and images appropriately and remember that online readers skim content.


Remember that blogs are not one way communication tools. Encourage your readers to comment and make sure you engage in meaningful conversation with your followers. Be prepared to deal with negative comments in a constructive way. Comment on other blogs and reader comments and engage as much as possible.

Commit to It

The best bloggers spend months if not years building up their following and presence, and they commit to regular blogging to do this. This is essential to becoming successful and finding recognition for what you do!