How Churches Grow Through Technology

As a leader, pastor, or elder in your church, the growth of your church is the one that can trouble you for a whole night. And now technology has brought how you can make your church grow bigger. Here is an article about how making use of mobile devices and computers had helped the growth of churches.

Technology Supports Church Growth

The making use of computers and mobile device make it easier for churches to get involved with their church members. Also, technology is helping church members in spiritual developments through the relationships made in a community.

Track Members, Regular Attenders, and First Time Guests

The number of people who entered a service can be actively updated by a database. And the information can be captured through online services and saved to a profile. Moreover, an online interactive form can access the information through a church app or a link sent via a text message. The technology ensures you will not lose track of people by putting the information you gathered into one place just like how some online casinos do.

Train and Coordinate Volunteers

Technology is helping in training volunteers through videos and interactive tools. Also helps you in communicating with volunteers like for example they can make use of Facebook, Whatsapp, and calls in their communication. In addition, it utilizes the group pages that are all within the same platform makes it convenient for volunteers to find information easily.

Improve Follow-Up with Guests and Communication

You can have personal communication with church guests online through email, phone call, text message, or WhatsApp message. In addition, through online forms, people can be able to send their prayer requests and church reports to their staff members.

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In conclusion, making use of computers and mobile devices is making a church grow bigger by tracking church members.