The Perfect Romantic Wedding Venue to Consider

A perfect wedding is the thing you dream about as a child, and even at a young age you’ve already started to plan. So what are the 10 most important considerations for the perfect wedding venue to ensure you choose the ideal venue?

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1. The perfect venue is as beautiful as you’d dreamed of but also practical so there’s enough room for all your guests. Take the weather into consideration too, and if it’s likely to rain make sure there’s somewhere dry for everyone.

Having an Escape Is Important

2. Make sure there’s somewhere you can sit and chill for a bit away from all the noise and guests to prevent the day becoming completely overwhelming when all the attention is on you.

3. Make sure the venue you book is both stunning inside and out so you can have photos taken inside and out and the weather can’t scupper your plans or photo album. For unusual wedding venue ideas you could try.

4. The perfect flowers that look and smell beautiful. Not only do you want your bouquet of flowers, but you also want them on tables and around the room to bring the most amazing smells and colours to delight both you and your guests.

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Staff Are Worth Their Weight in Gold

5. Trained staff that are on hand to look after you and the guests. If they have lots of wedding experience, this is a real bonus as they will be able to jump in and resolve any problems before anyone’s even noticed something has gone wrong.

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6. A romantic atmosphere and styling. The way things look and feel will add to the perfect day and make everything beautiful and filled with romance.

7. Perfect planning, as there’s nothing worse than not having enough space or chairs for guests or guests who can’t find a parking space. You want them to be relaxed and happy so you can be too.

8. Make sure everything will run to time so there’s no rushing or worrying. You could try sites like for a Hotel Wedding Venue in Gloucester that is organised and provide a quality service.

9.Little touches make all the difference, such as pretty rose petals on the tables.

10. Something for the children to do, so there’s no upset children taking the spotlight off you.