Renault gave a new car its world debut at the Geneva Motor Show. This was not a flashy supercar as some might have expected; instead, it was the new Scenic MPV.

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MPV resurgence

The SUV is rapidly increasing in popularity and MPV rivals such as the Citroen C4 Picasso have proved more popular than the current Scenic; therefore, this is a bold move. Chief designer Laurens van den Acker is hoping that parents will once again fall in love with the Scenic, just as they did back in 1996.  He believes that if any car is going to revive the company’s dwindling MPV sales, this is it.


A clever trick has been employed to give the car an elevated stance with bigger wheels & bigger tires. Standard-sized 20-inch wheels & trick you into believing the Scenic has a pumped-up suspension and raised height & quality tire which you can get with some discount from the tire rack coupon,in reality, the roof has been lowered and the windscreen brought forward 100mm, creating a more desirable and sleeker design & tire quality perform a better long life. Having achieved strong sales with its Europe-only Espace, Renault has employed this technique for the UK market.


The inside is finished beautifully, with Renault saying that it wants the top-spec versions to compete with Mercedes and BMW. The car features several customizable features, including steering weight, drive mode selector for throttle response, and ambient lighting for the interior.

It has so many features, one could use the automotive CRM software which is a great piece of technology used to connect customer services. Business tends to use this on company cars to keep track of them to see where the workers are at any one point.

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Under the bonnet

There will be turbocharged diesel and petrol four-cylinder engines available from launch. Manual gearboxes will be fitted in the dCi 130 and dCi 95 models, while a seven-speed automatic gearbox will be available in the dCi 110. The dCi 160 will be available as an automatic only, while the TCe 130 and TCe 115 models will be manual petrol only.


There are no indications with regard to price; however, it seems sensible to expect it to be more expensive than the previous model. At a guess, prices are likely to start at around £21,000. For those requiring car finance in other areas, firms are now offering solutions from a range of specialist finance providers for buyers with less-than-perfect credit ratings.

Safety first

The Scenic is one of the safest cars around – even more so now that Renault has introduced active emergency braking, lane-keeping assists, and tiredness detection.

The Renault Scenic is seriously worth checking out.