What to Know Before You Invest in a Blacktop Driveway

When spending money on a new driveway, you should consider numerous factors. These include cost, durability, and appearance.

How long your driveway lasts and how much upkeep it requires will depend on the material you choose. Concrete and asphalt are two popular choices.


Blacktop is a popular parking surface material because it offers multiple benefits, including durability and an attractive appearance. But it also comes with a hefty price tag, so homeowners must research before investing in one.

The size and depth of a new blacktop driveways Elkhart IN will affect its price, among other things. Costs for a 640-square-foot driveway with a 2-inch asphalt depth range from $740 to $1,200, while costs for a 4-inch driveway range from $1,480 to $2,400.

Blacktop is a mix of crushed stone and bitumen, a black viscous tar-like substance made from petroleum distillation. The mixture is heated to 300 degrees, creating a solid, durable surface ideal for parking lots and other trafficked areas.


If you want a durable driveway lasting for years, an asphalt (sometimes called blacktop) surface is a good choice. It is also more affordable than concrete or permeable pavers and can help you increase the value of your home.

The durability of an asphalt driveway depends on several factors, including how it is used and the climate it faces. The kind of traffic and vehicles parking on it can also make a difference, as can the quality of the sub-base under the pavement.

The most durable asphalt driveways will have a proper drainage system to help water drain off the surface and away from your property. Poorly drained areas can lead to low spots and potholes that could cause severe damage to your asphalt over time.

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The appearance of your driveway is an essential factor for any homeowner who wants to attract tenants or buyers. It should blend in with your home’s architectural style and the overall color of the neighborhood.

Blacktop, the paving material commonly used for residential driveways, comprises small rock chips, sand, and asphalt cement. It can be any color but is typically available in grey or black.

It’s also effortless to repair if something goes wrong. If the surface is cracked, this can be improved by spreading an alligator patching material over it.

If the surface is faded or stained, this can also be fixed by applying a sealant. It’s recommended to have this done every three to five years, and it can be a vital part of keeping your driveway in good condition.


Asphalt is an excellent driveway material, but it needs to be maintained to keep it looking its best. Maintaining your asphalt driveway clear of weeds, cracks, and other damage can prevent you from making expensive repairs that could cost you thousands of dollars.

The key is to develop a regular schedule for maintaining your asphalt. It can include cleaning your driveway, removing weeds, and asphalt crack sealing.

Oil and gas spills on asphalt can eat away at it, so they should be cleaned up immediately. Salt stains and heat also damage it, so regularly reseal your asphalt to protect it from the elements.

Snow removal is another critical part of asphalt driveway maintenance. Ensure your downspouts correctly direct snow away from the asphalt and into your yard rather than onto the pavement.

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