EBay’s Simplified Seller Standards understood

eBay recently announced some important changes to its seller standards that come into effect from 20 February. In summary, the calculations lying behind a seller’s defect rate have changed, reducing the number of elements and removing the more subjective inclusion of buyer feedback input. In addition, they have amended the metric used to measure on-time delivery. Here we outline the key elements of these changes to ensure you can implement any changes required for your business.

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Defect Measurement Update

From 20 February, some previously used elements will no longer be included in the defect rate measurement. These include buyer feedback, detailed seller ratings, returns or items not received requests if a successful resolution is reached. If someone has bought something and wants to return it you will want to keep your good feedback online so perhaps organise a Same Day Courier Slough service found at sites like uk-tdl.com/same-day-courier/same-day-courier-slough.html to get it to them super quick and safe.  Rather, the only pre-existing criteria that will be utilized to calculate defect rate will be transactions cancelled by the seller and cases closed with no seller resolution.

In addition to these changes, delivery performance will now be based on factors within the seller’s control, such as items posted on time. As long as items are posted within the stated dispatch time and appropriate tracking information is detailed, or the buyer confirms their item was indeed delivered on time, there will be no effect on the on-time delivery rate. In addition, if on-time delivery is the sole performance metric not met, then your seller level will remain above standard, although eBay may implement restrictions to delivery options, including the choice of dispatch times on your listings.

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Updated eBay Top-Rated Seller Listing Requirement

From 1 May, in order to qualify for the eBay Premium Service discount and badge, sellers will need to offer 30-day returns with money back policy.

If you’re unsure of how to proceed, then using eBay template designs can help you immensely. Indeed, considering how these changes might affect your business, it might be a perfect time to review and overhaul your marketplace presence. Is your shop as intuitive as it could be? Are you interacting with users effectively? And, of course, are you meeting the new standards?

The new changes come into effect in a matter of weeks. Make sure you understand their impact on your business in detail, and consider if this could be the ideal opportunity for you to maximise your business’s potential through eBay.